Zero Code

At Amey, we always put the health and safety of our people first. We are committed to continuous improvement and ensuring that everyone can work in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Zero Code helps us to define and uphold the right behaviours that we expect from our employees and supply chain partners. In doing so, it ensures that everyone can return home safe and well each day.

Watch our Zero Code Kitted Out video

There are four key principles of our Zero Code which must be followed to ensure our working conditions are always safe and to prevent any unacceptable standards or situations.

Ready to Work

  • I will attend work, drive vehicles and operate equipment knowing that I am fit and well
  • I will always make sure risks have been assessed and that I understand them
  • I am clear on what my role is and the value I add to my team

Kitted Out

  • I will only use the tools and equipment provided and approved for the task
  • I will only carry out tasks that I am trained and competent to do
  • I will always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment for the job

Stick to the Plan

  • I will make sure I know and understand the plan
  • I will always check that I am following processes and safe systems of work 
  • If things change I will re-assess and only start work again when it is safe to do so

Stay Alert

  • I will always make sure I am in the safest working position
  • I will remain alert to what is happening around me and react accordingly to stay safe
  • I will ‘Shout Out!’ if anything is unacceptable, to keep myself and others around me safe

Shout Out!

Shout Out! represents the role you play in alerting others if you see any unsafe or unacceptable conditions. Every Amey employee is supported and encouraged to say ‘stop’ for the plan to be reassessed, ensuring it is safe to proceed.

We must look out for ourselves and those around us

Zero Code reminds us to reflect on our training, knowledge and instructions and assess equipment, tools and clothing before starting or continuing work. As we work in environments that can change very quickly, we must stay focused and vigilant.

It's everyone’s personal responsibility to understand, communicate and live by the Zero Code - with zero exceptions. Not following the Zero Code, means you choose not to work for Amey.

Let’s work together to ensure everyone who works with and for Amey returns home safe and well every day.

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